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  1. theRiyazSaifi

    YouTube is sub4sub still working?

    Hey, Riyaz here. Recently I was read on this forum that YouTube not like sharing link. And sharing link is main part of sub4sub. So, what I'm asking is that using Android app like is also unsafe. The apps are use link and open it in webview then allow user to sub. Is both things are...
  2. D

    Gaming Decellz gaming

    Hi i like games
  3. MrGboy

    Solved FOR YOU IS SUB4SUB HELPFUL? YES or NO with Definition below.

    A Useful Survey for Everybody. To tell them and to put it in there mind set.
  4. A


    We are new here and are aspiring to grow our youtube channel! We create fun content for everyone. We'd appreciate any new subscribers and would love to meet new creative people too !
  5. GaRrFuNkL3 Gaming

    Gaming New Youtuber - 15 Subs. Card Collection & Gaming, Help My Channel Grow.

    Hey, Just started my new youtube channel, used to do a bit of streaming here and there and then had a son. This all then got put on hold, ive now just getting into it again and have started doing unboxings and will eventually get into gaming videos again. Any help on my channel will be much...
  6. م

    Educational My channel is in the beginning and I need views and subscriptions

    My channel is in the beginning and I need views and subscriptions

    Vídeos novos WELL FIGHTER! 02/05/2018

    Olá pessoal te convido pra verem MEus novos vídeos e se inscrevem ao meu canal pessoal ^^ Keep On Fighting Esses Duendes gostam de Aventuras COlossus apanhou muito! Vem descubrir 5 personagens onipotentes dos anime
  8. BigTimeCruddy

    Tips & Tricks Growing Youtube Channel

    Hey what's up guys Bigtimecruddy here. And I wanna grow my channel out. I have 100 subs and hope to reach 200 as soon as possible. I do Halo montages and a professional players. Thank you for you're time (Bigtimecruddy) is my youtube channel
  9. Betta

    What do you think of Sub4Sub & Shout-outs?

    Subscribe for subscribe or Sub4Sub is a common and popular practice among YouTubers. This practice involves a YouTuber subscribing a particular YouTuber, for this example I use channel X to earn a subscribe from channel X. The other popular practice is Shout-outs where a YouTuber (most of them...
  10. Koala_Steamed

    Tips & Tricks Sub4Sub - Why is it bad?

    Have you ever been asked to sub4sub? I'm sure everyone has encountered people (and possibly done it yourselves) requesting to subscribe and in return they will subscribe back. This sounds like a great idea initially as you both gain a subscriber! However this has a few major implications, first...
  11. TJ (Makofeesh)

    Review4Review Created A New Channel/Looking For Ideas

    Hey Freedom Family, So about 2 days ago a couple of my friends contacted me about a new YouTube channel. My channel, Makofeesh was a gaming only channel which I got rather bored with. This new channel is more about doing challenges and doing stupid stuff in real life. If you guys...
  12. S

    Tips & Tricks Why Not to Sub4Sub on YouTube

    I must begin by saying, Lately ive been trying to Expand my youtube Views, by going to other people channels and commenting on videos about my may seem bad but its not as disrespectful as you are just saying you have a similar channel, and i always respect the Creator of the video...
  13. Renalyn Serrano

    What's your favourite movie/s?

    my fav movies are 1. the maze runner 2. x-men 3. harry potter :p:p
  14. El sebas

    Nuevo en Foros Freedom

    Que hay chavos soy nuevo por aca... Busco gente para interactuar .. mi canal tiene mas de 600 sub.. hago videos de gameplays-.. y quiero seguir creciendo con freedom.. si tienes ese mismo interes .. pues ... Auu!! Saludos !!
  15. HealPleaseHeal

    Why Sub 4 Sub & Shout-outs Will Not Give You Dedicated Viewers

    Hey guys, I hope everyone's doing well and enjoying whatever it is you're doing. Before I start my rant here's some free healing for all of you! I've been seeing a lot of Shout-out posts and sub-for-sub and I just gotta say, that even though that's all cool, that won't garner the dedicated...