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  1. iWi Gaming

    Subscriber Milestone Nearly there!

    I hit my 100 subs but really finding it difficult to hit that 150! Not far off now on 145.
  2. Anthony Smith

    VFX Animated Subscription Notification reminder 1.0

    This is a generic reminder to subscribe to your channel that pops up and shows people the action they need to perform in order to be notified of future uploads. This includes the project files for Adobe Aftereffects so you can include your own channel name and avatar if you'd like. Do you like...
  3. Anthony Smith

    VFX Animated Subscribe buttons!! 2016-07-11

    a collection of pre-rendered subscribe animations ready for your use these are all in mov format which supports transparency. most video editors such as premiere or vegas will easily overlay this on top of any other video asset giving you a professional and polished nonverbal cue to subscribe.