1. IvyPlayGamez

    Changing youtube names???

    I have this username snce youstube started since 2006... But now I have been wondering if i should change my art channel to my "art studio" name, yeah sure I would have to quit the current name, but when people will look for me, would't be easier for people? I had facebook with the name and I...
  2. Row

    Official How to Change your Forum Username

    Hey Freedom! family, What's that? You need to change your username to escape the authorities but can't find a way how? Not to worry! Just follow these steps: (y) (Y) Go to the Freedom! Forums Store. Scroll down to find the product "Change User Name" Make sure you have the sufficient amount of...
  3. theRekMar

    Solved Change username help.

    hi is there a way to change my username to something else. I can't seem to find that option. thx.
  4. SlyFox

    In progress Can I change my username?

    So I recently changed my YouTube channel name, and I would like to change my Freedom forum name. It didn't seem to show up in any settings or profile page. Is there a way I can do it or do I need to contact a moderator to do it for me? Thanks for any help!
  5. Zane The cat

    Solved Freedom Partner - username with spaces

    Hello, I'm a freedom partner for more than a year now but created my forum username recently and i used spaces when i created it but did not know that for submitting the form for the badge your username has to have no spaces. What can i do to have the badge, can the admin change my username...
  6. SimmieAutomatic

    I can't rejoin Freedom

    Okay so I'm trying to start over with Freedom. I was partnered with Freedom but then I unlinked my channel and I deleted it. I found I still have the member account where you post and chat and whatnot. So I made a COMPLETELY new YouTube account. And now I'm trying to repartner myself with...
  7. SimmieAutomatic

    Solved This Username Already Taken?

    Okay everytime I try to sign up to partner with Freedom it says this username is already taken? I'm the only one with as far as I know. This is my second time starting over. I left Freedom before and now I'm trying to come back and partner again. Then it said create support ticket but how am I...
  8. Zovonic

    Solved Won't let me connect Freedom!

    On my freedom! settings page when i try to set my forum name and after i enter every thing in and click "connect" nothing happens how can i fix this?