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  1. R

    Entertainment Hi

    My name is Altan Acar and, I am 18 years old, I plays video games and to make video. I have goal this simple to explain words American Dream and I not to speak main language I needs money, I not have enough money for travel because more expensive all things. This Youtube my only last change but...
  2. Scalperhero

    Gaming Don't Starve Together Modded Survival #2 - Goblin Slayer Mod

    part 2 of my Modded Survival series on Don't starve together using the goblin slayer mod, and yes this is the same goblin slayer from the anime known as goblin slayer, in this part I talk to you about what is happening with my broken thumb as well as we venture out to gather some gold nuggets so...
  3. FireAngel64

    Gaming H1Z1 Gameplay Episode 1 Season 2 - (We are back broskis)

  4. iWi Gaming

    Gaming Horror Games!

    Hi ladies and Gentlebeans, Anyone on here play friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight? Us guys at iWi are always looking to play and have a laugh, let us know
  5. Caretaker Gamer

    Request How Can I Change For The Better

    Greetings! I'm Caretaker Gamer and I have been a creator since 2014. I would like if the community would review my channel and see where I could improve. I know that my inconsistency with uploads is part of the problem, but what else could be improved? I would recommend watching a few different...
  6. Caretaker Gamer

    Gaming New to the Forum.. But Hello All!!

    Greetings, I'm Caretaker Gamer and I am new to the Forums here. I was mostly on but for some reason, not many people are using it anymore and would like to continue to have discussions with other Freedom creators! My channel is a gaming channel that focuses on creating positive content...
  7. Tha Real Young One

    Single Player Games or Multiplayer Games

    Do you think Single player games are dying and mulitplayer games rising or it's the other way arround?
  8. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Breaking News: Recore Sequel Confirmed!!!!!

  9. IvyPlayGamez


    Welp, I didn't knew untill my brother told me, I would find out, but i thought id make a reaction to this, because KH was one of my brother and my movies when we were kids, so I had to react to this...characters in toy story sound so wierd when they speak in japanese xD
  10. Michael Aquila

    Gaming BRUTALITY - MIddle Earth Shadow of War part 3

  11. finegamingconnoisseur

    Gaming Dungeon Overhaul Done Right

    Hi everybody, finegamingconnoisseur here, just wanted to show you my latest video in my ongoing let's play of the indie hardcore sandbox MMORPG called Mortal Online (MO for short). As the thread title says, this is an episode about the revamp of an old dungeon in the game that used to be rarely...

    WELL FIGHTER Videos - 08/09

    Olá pessoal postei dois novos videos e gostaria se vejam eles, convidando pra serem meus Inscritos! WELL FIGHTER! Derrotei o The Rock! Virei um Gatchaman!


    Olá eu sou WELL FIGHTER e tenho um canal do YOUTUBE destinado há Gameplay de Jogos de luta/Jogos Retro/Unboxing/Critica/Youtube e outras coisinhas mais com o intuito de trazer um bom contéudo para todos uma forma de entertenimento/informação e Diversão, sem ir nessa onda de video apelativos na...
  14. Freedom! Nero

    What kind of show do you want to see on MGN or Freedom! Central?

    Hey there guys!!! I hope everyone is feeling awesome!! I'm feeling rather great today! Anyway, I just wanted to know your thoughts on this. If we ever make a showwww about video games! On Freedom! Central or MGN, what kind of content would you guys wanna see!!?? Alright!! Let me hear your...
  15. TheLatinoPlatypus

    Gaming GTA Money Glitch! $1,000,000 While AFK!

    Well as the title says! You can get this so easily and its basically free money! Good luck guys!
  16. EmperorFun

    Gaming A Special Transport "Ghost Recon Wildlands E16"

    A Special Transport Ghost Recon Wildlands E16 We make our way to the UNIDAD base to recover the stolen medicine. A few well-placed sniper shots and a little firefight later and the truck is under our controle. We take the truck to the rebels and are now on our way to liberate a new province. We...
  17. InfamousVigilante

    Gaming Little Nightmares DLC Secrets of the Maw Full Gameplay

    New gameplay is up on the new DLC from little nightmares! If you enjoy funny commentary, creepy games with puzzles then this is for you! Please show your support by liking, commenting,subscribing and sharing the video to people. Thank you again for your support!
  18. InfamousVigilante

    Gaming The Walking Dead Michonne Series Episode 1 Part 1

    Hey everyone! New video on channel! I never played this series before and been wanting to for awhile. You will get to see my reaction towards this game for the first time. The other 2 parts of this episode will be uploaded on my channel in a few hours so don't worry! So I hope you do enjoy, if...
  19. InfamousVigilante

    Gaming Kate or Gabe!? The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Gameplay

    Hey everyone! I am coming to with my choices of the walking dead season 3 episode 5. You will get to see the outcome between who I choose and what reaction comes to it. If you enjoy definitely like, comment, and share this video! Thanks to anyone for the support.
  20. InfamousVigilante

    Gaming Everybody and these Butt Injections!? Injustice 2 Funny Gameplay

    New gameplay of Injustice 2 is up on my channel! Been awhile since I played a fighting style game so i will be a bit rusty but I'll try to get better at it! Thank you anyone who watched. If you did enjoy, definitely like,comment, and share this video!