1. ausgaming


    Hey guys how is everyone today im kieran from ausgaming. Todoay im looking for a group of people 15+ thankyou. Im ex army i like to joke around alot and chill, Im on the xbox one and list of games: call of duty modern warfare and warzone ark gta 5 world of warships i have in total of 75 games...
  2. ausgaming


    Hey guys im kieran from ausgaming im from australia sydney so im on GMT+10 ive been doing youtube now 6 years now with 64.9K views in the last 28 days ive got 6432 views i do 3 videos a week due to my full time work i can only play xbox in the very passionate about youtube and hope...
  3. ausgaming

    XBox xbox users wanted

    hey guys im kieran 26 looking for chilled people to come play some games and collb i do funny moments videos i live in australia nsw i work all day and play at night looking for 16+ age thankyou list of games i mainly play ark gta 5 rainbow 6 cod mw if you want to chill and collb msg here or...
  4. ausgaming


    Hey guys im kieran im 25 looking for some cool people to come along and collaborate and have fun i have a full time job and on most night to record ive been recording rainbow 6 gta 5 ark (got my own server boosted) sea of thieves minecraft and alot more but there the mains ones i play if you...
  5. T

    VR (Voice acting / machinima collaboration)

    (Voice acting / machinima collaboration) Project name - The Fixers - Unpaid - Description - (All help is welcome, but this post details voice acting). I am looking into developing a backlog of voice actors, who may get the opportunity to play extras, new characters or replace existing ones (in...
  6. Tim McCammon

    VR Looking to have fun with others!

    Hi! I'm Tim! I run a channel on YouTube called MonoNinja. I'm looking for people to collab and have fun with for a video! I have Xbox and a PC although I play Xbox a lot more I'd love to branch out! If you are interested in us growing together, Contact me on Discord or through my Email...
  7. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gamer Section Podcast Looking For More Memebers

    Hello my name is Kano from the Gamer Section Podcast. As you may know we been doing the podcast for almost 2 years and it's doing very well. We are looking for more panel members to talk about the latest in the gaming world including news, discussions, etc. If you are interested please contact...
  8. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Creating a Gaming site as a successor to G4

    Hello My name is Kano 1/3 of the Gamer Section. We have a podcast called The Gamer Section Podcast where we are talking about the latest news, reviews, discussions in the gaming world. We are launching a website and is looking for Writers for the website. If you are interested please contact us...
  9. Creative Myth

    Will There Be Another Gaming Console By A Different Company?

    With gaming being huge now, it's a slight surprise that other companies like Apple or Google haven't tried to make their own gaming console. But I think sooner or later another tech giant will make a console that will obviously not be as good as PlayStation or Xbox, but it will be a dope new...
  10. jammychap

    Gaming New channel trailer

    Hi all, Check out my new gaming channel trailer all thoughts n comments welcome
  11. Tha Real Young One

    Tekken Vs. Street Fighter

    Tekken or Street fighter? Which game was the better fighter and why?
  12. Tha Real Young One

    EA or Ubisoft?

    What company you think has been winning the gaming war as far as giving us great games EA or Ubisoft?
  13. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Shadow of The Tomb Raider Reaction

    This is my reaction to the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Reaction.
  14. TheRedKingGames

    XBox Anyone willing to collab with a small scottish youtuber?

    I'm a very small channel, i dont have much subs but i would love to do a collab, I'm a gaming channel that mostly concentrates but i would play other games to (mostly shooters or nearly anything mulitplayer). Shoot me a message if interested.
  15. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Freelance Gaming Writers Wanted.

    Hello. I'm Kano from The Gamer Section Podcast. I plan to launch a gaming media site this year called gamersection dot com and I'm currently looking for Writers for the news section, and reviewers that would love to review games with videos or writer up an artcle. If you are interested contact...
  16. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Microsoft To Have exclusive marketing rights to Anthem and much more.

    Microsoft to nab exclusive marketing rights to Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and much more. check it out.
  17. Tha Real Young One

    The Station (Xbox One Version)

    Do they have the xbox one version of the station codes?
  18. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment BLACK PHANTOM Film TEASER #3 | 'It's nearly here...' | GTA V Film HD

    It's nearly here... Black Phantom has nearly completed production. Enjoy this small action-packed teaser, preparing you for what's to come... "Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to dismantle 'Black Phantom'; a sinister terror network built upon the ruins of the disavowed...
  19. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gaming Podcast Collab

    I'm looking for people to join my gaming podcast if you interested hit me up at [email protected]
  20. KnightHunter Studios

    Request Review on GTA Black Phantom (GTA V Machinima) Trailer?

    Hi everyone, So us at KnightHunter Studios are now currently working on our 8th, yes 8th, movie in our 'Grand Theft Auto' machinima franchise, and so far it has been a blast! The franchise, we must stress, is very orientated around the Bond and Mission Impossible franchise, so you will get that...