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Would you like more things to spend forum credits on?

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We are working on more items to purchase with credits, hopefully more to come. For now these 11 games are up for sale. They may not be the usual type of games you play but it can be fun to try new things, also they all come with 4 trading cards which you can use to collect or trade for steam credit :)

Bionic_Dues worth $10 (100₡)
The Last Federation + The Last Federation: Betrayed Hope Expansion worth $27 (270₡)
A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack worth $15 (150₡)
Shattered Haven worth $10 (100₡)
Tidalis worth $5 (50₡)
Skyward Collapse + Skyward Collapse: Nihon no Mura Expansion worth $8 (80₡)
Shattered Haven worth $10 (100₡)
Overture worth $5 (50₡)
The Detail Ep1. worth $5 (50₡)
GoScurry worth $5 (50₡)
Solaroids Prologue worth $6 (60₡)

You can only claim 1 of each game and you must have the Freedom! member or Freedom! verified Partner badge. To claim the game just send me a message with the game title and send the credits associated with the game. This is also open for all community team/forum moderators :)
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May 8, 2018
i love seeing that being a active member on the forums and helping out people can really pay off, its nice cause maybe some people cant afford games on a regular basis. Im happy to be a part of this family! :p
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