Animated Subscribe buttons!!

Animated Subscribe buttons!! 2016-07-11

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Anthony Smith

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Animated Subscribe buttons!! - Nonverbal communication on screen to remind people to subscribe.

a collection of pre-rendered subscribe animations ready for your use these are all in mov format which supports transparency. most video editors such as premiere or vegas will easily overlay this on top of any other video asset giving you a professional and polished nonverbal cue to subscribe.


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Mardy Rooster

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Jan 14, 2017
alrighty. Thank you Anthony for the hasty response![DOUBLEPOST=1495424488][/DOUBLEPOST]To anyone that is trying to get these working in Sony Vegas.

You have to add a sony crona key to the clip. Then select color, then the color dropper. Drop it on the background you want to get rid of then close the video effects tab. It will now work! You will have to go through the process every video, but hey it's worth it!
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Sep 9, 2017
Can you suggest any editing programs that can let me do this, especially without downloading QuickTime?[DOUBLEPOST=1509028734][/DOUBLEPOST]nevermind, It's just as easy as downloading QuickTime 7 from Thanks for the help though, and I love the animation![DOUBLEPOST=1514840429,1509027918][/DOUBLEPOST]These have really helped me out! They all look really cool but my favourite is "V8 One by One single click". Thanks for the cool animations!
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