YouTube Any tips for a channel with Shorts?


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Any tips for a channel with Shorts?
Hello there!

I've been running a few experiments myself with YouTube Shorts, Keep in mind it is only been a short experiment, however, I'll tell you what I've learnt or seen from my experience.
I think it's a great idea to do shorts right now they seem to get viewership and engagements in terms of likes and dislikes very quickly but after the 24 or 48 timeframe viewership dips a lot. I wouldn't expect much from it tho like subscribers and whatnot at the start but if you keep going I think you gain some as I've only made 5 shorts gained over 4k views over 100 likes and 5 subs from it all

one make the video short it has to its in the title longest id say 30 seconds but the sweet spot seems to be around 24 to 26 seconds for video length

hope it helps


Tips for a channel with shorts:

1. Ensure the how's the length of your shorts need to be
2. Try to create entertaining shorts
3. Create a custom thumbnail for your shorts
4. Use YouTube stories to enhance views of your shorts
5. Be consistent with your shorts