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We believe in second chances wherever possible, sometimes we just need to take action and mute or ban users who do not follow our rules.
As we are humans we might make mistakes so you may appeal any punishments here.
Punishments include bans or mutes.

Please do NOT appeal forum or Discord Server punishments through this section, message the Staff Member that banned/warned you or another Administrator about it.

Please put as much detail as you can into your appeals as this will raise your chances for it to be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions about Appeals:​

My punishment was justified and I want to apologize, can I still appeal?​

Yes, you can appeal no matter if the punishment you have received was correct or incorrect. We will take a look at what happened and whether you have improved and make a decision based on that.

When will I receive a response?​

You will receive a response within a week. If it takes longer you may message one Administrator in private to have them take a look at it.

How often can I appeal?​

Appeal decisions are final. If your appeal was rejected you may re-appeal 3 months after the last one was rejected if you have changed and accept it.

Where do I appeal?​

Just create a thread in this forum section, fill in the fields and explain why we should reconsider your punishment.
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