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Welcome to the Freedom! forums.

Now that you have found our forums I am sure you want to go right ahead and start posting about your wonderful channel. The advertising sections of the forums are currently available for Freedom! forum members and Freedom! partners only, so this thread is here to let you know how to become a full member.

In order to obtain this, all you have to do is simply log into your Freedom! Dashboard and go to your Profile and click on "Linked accounts"​


Simply just click on this link.

Enter your forum credentials.

*If you are using log in through social media accounts, click on the "here" link and set a password for your forum account.

If you entered the right credentials, this message will appear:

And that's it! You'll receive your partner/member badge instantly.

If by some rare instance, it would not work for you, you can resort to the old method. Just follow the simple instructions below and you will have your banner and access in no time.

Fill in this form:

Please do not use any spaces in your username

It will then take a couple of days for our staff to verify that your channel is partnered and you will be issued with the purple partner badge. If it has been 3 days and you have still not received your badge, then please submit another application as they can sometimes get lost in transit. If you still do not receive it after another 3 days, then please contact an administrator regarding it, or make a post in the support section of the forum.

Once you have the badge you will have full access to all sections of the forum.

Last Updated: 3rd Aug 2019
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