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Mian Saad Hafeez

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Mar 29, 2018
Hello there, My Name is Mian SAAD Hafeez :) I am 19 years old student of IT. I really love to work online as well as meet or talk with new peoples all around the world. This is my second post on this site of forums, I really enjoying. Let me tell you more about my self, I live in Pakistan most of you must be know about Pakistan but if we are looking all the peoples around the world, Some of them didn't know about this Country Pakistan. Basically, Pakistan is a Muslim country and i am Muslim too :) lets more on too my hobbies or called it my skills, I am a photographer and i just love to shoot small little dam beautiful memories of life ;) i love to sing but unfortunately i can't ! anyway, I am very happy with my life (y) (Y) 11824931_874598715963048_4935841492434236787_n.jpg 11694830_880380488718204_2927122845890837335_n.jpg IMG-20160822-WA0024.jpg 12247025_941605365929049_592431684318097438_n.jpg