Gaming Hey guys.


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Jan 28, 2021
I'm a 29 year old male of the good ole Kentucky. My darlings I love you all, subscribers or not I will always take pleasure in providing you with entertainment that will fulfill your needs.
My hobbies are Music, Gaming, and Videography. And I personally am an aspiring Voice Actor.
I hope to see some warm welcoming faces within this wonderful community and to get myself known throughout all of video production and the Freedom! Community.



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Feb 9, 2021
sup I just reviewed your channel and you have alot of potential to grow, alot of room to grow but with a little more experience in presenting your videos on a professional grade will take time. unless you're not out for growing on youtube and more into the fun of a hobby type of thing lol then GG to you good sir :)

anyway's I subbed to your channel so I can watch your performance on your channel growth.

aspiring voice actor, not an easy job to do tbh but I wish you good luck with it.

also welcome to freedom! forums, Hope you will enjoy your stay here.