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Jun 30, 2015
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Hello Freedom! Family,

I'm looking for Voice Over work in any project that you may have. I'm a 30 year old graduate student with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting and I've been wanting to do VO work for a long time!

Right now, since I'm new at the business, I'm looking for PAID and UNPAID work; just pretty much trying to get my portfolio up and running.

Just a couple things I'll need to know before I add anyone to skype chat who are interested in having me involved in their projects:

1. What is the project about?

2. What characters need to be voiced?

3. Is there a script ready? (the reason I ask this is because I would like to be ready to go to work as soon as the script is ready so I won't be waiting for days, or weeks, or months on end before it's completed)

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to add me to your skype for your project, please know that I only use my skype account for business related purposes and not small talk. I'm very busy with my own projects so please respect that I can't be on skype all the time aside from business. Also, I only give my skype name privately to those interested in hiring.

For those who would like to pay me for my services, I am still looking into what a fair rate for new VAs can be. I'll update my information when the time comes.

Thank you for your interest in involving me with your future projects. :D

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