How To Im new at youtube with 27 Subscribers

Emin Demir

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Oct 21, 2015
Hello Whats up Guys!I began new with youtube and i'll hope that I became a big Youtuber.So I have 4 videos at my channel 3 of them are HowTo videos and the 1 is a giveaway video. Check out my Channel at youtube. Channel Name: Made It

Frosted Fricks

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Mar 23, 2015
Hey there new guy!!!! It looks like in your excitement you forgot to tell us a little more about you!!! Since we are a big family here we like to know about each other. You know, likes, dislikes, goals, and the sort. For new people they made this really helpful template that you can find here:


And another great way to help people find your channel is by adding the Subscribe button to your profile. The best part about this is that every time you post in the forums, it will appear right below your posts!! You can find out how to o that here:

Sub Button

That should help you get a good foothold on here. I really look forward to what you have to say about yourself and as usual i am always here to help if you have any questions! Hope to read more buddy!
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