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Marco Almeida

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Oct 16, 2015
Hey guys, my name is Marco Almeida and I am an iOS/OS X developer. I also create Websites for some small companies here in my city. I am 37 years old, married with children and wanted to join the Forums to learn a bit more on how to use Freedom.

I decided to start YouTubing because I wanted to share the knowledge I have on Swift programming and then I saw a video on YouTube partnership and came to find Freedom.

My channel is gonna be a Swift programming channel and basically I will be posting Swift code tips for doing things that you do not see on regular or UDEMY videos courses. Not that what I will be posting will be extremely great stuff, but sometimes those big teacher do not share some simple details that would make coding a bit easier.

I am still in the recording phase, but soon I will have 2-3 videos uploaded.

Meanwhile, here is my channel link:

Well, that's it!!!

Thank you and see ya!!!


Mar 1, 2014
Hi @Marco Almeida,

Welcome to the Freedom! Community!

Woah an iOS/OS X developer! I particularly find that interesting because I am currently taking a Computer Science course in high school (it's like a university course stretched to fit 9 months) and I plan to stay with this field when I graduate to post secondary. Currently we are coding with Java and the concepts are quite simple as the year just began.

Through these forums you will not only learn more about the Freedom! network, but you will also learn more about YouTube and content creation as a whole with a few other things here and there. :)

I really appreciate those channels that share solutions to codes, looking at a problem from another perspective is the key to programming! It's very nice of you to create one for Swift, giving your audience resources that major educational sites don't have.

The "Development" section has gone inactive but you can feel free to create discussions about anything you're developing or just development in general (like sketches, solutions, ideas, problems, etc.!) We also have plans for this section in the near future.

Click here to visit "Development"!

I look forward to seeing you around!