Resources Is there a good self-deepfake facecam generator out there?


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Mar 8, 2019
I'm looking for an AI video generator that doesn't create the whole videos from scratch (I still want to be able to claim copyright on the whole videos), but instead just creates deepfakes of me, so I don't have to keep getting all dressed up for each video.

Ideally, this AI should take 2-3 minutes of me sitting in front of a webcam and talking (though obviously, the more sample footage I give it, the better), use that to get a feel for my natural posture and body movements, and then use that to create deepfake footage of me for use in my future videos. If I provide it with the audio recording of my lines for my new videos, it should generate the deepfake facecam footage that lip-syncs with the audio clips I provide.

Are there are any AIs out there that currently do this?