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Mar 21, 2018
Your name/Ramiz:
Ramiz Should but I am animation director and making on a new 2D animation to revolutionary the anime industry into a new path.
Where are you from?:
The middle east Amman/Jordan
How old are you?:
How did you find the Freedom Family!?:
The last year of 2019 i was on YouTube doing my job and working on my Sonic RS project I was sub to freedom then I met Mr. George Vanous and before that I was seeing the best freedom staff and who are expert and best professional content creators and service as well on YouTube for information and tips to keep your channel safe from copy claims and strikes and keeping my channel safe at all times then one day I come across Mr. George Vanous and he told me to join freedom and i m enjoying my time with the community learning each day and getting more experience and being the best at what i do though.
What made you join our forums?;
I join freedom to collaborate with other content creators who have the same passion and pride for my work to get more knowledge and make more friends getting better by the way knowing I m on the way to be the best at my do with the help of other people and working hard to earn my ways and being the best.
What are your hobbies?:
Music, Art, creating improve animation videos, watch other animation.
What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is fresh vegetables and fruits and bread home made food.
Why did you start YouTube?
I started YouTube in the early of 2005 I was oldest one in my family but YouTube back in the day wasn't like this so i didn't take it seriously so I was watching anime on the "platform. "but i start my animation career so I decided to start again but as a content creator but as animator as well to live and learn from others as well to make new friends to find where I can put my creativity in the right place.
What is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream in life to create a new animation for sonic the hedgehog basic on my knowledge I learn from watching animation back into 87s and to revolution industry as well becoming animation producer who can give and deliver a awesome and good experience for the audience and to change the vision of animation into a new path of revolutionary too.
What kind of channel do you run?:
I'm running a 2D animation channel basic on simple work an putting a lot of work into to give the viewer something new and never seeing before here on YouTube and i m using my own vision not copying or paste or repeat making sure its fresh and new making animation is very hard and challenging and i m learning on no stop daily basics though and i want to take the sonic classics combining them into a new Sonic animation which i m sure everyone from all around the world will love and appreciated it though also seeking a career or Opportunity to work as animator in animation studio.
How frequently do you upload?
One video in week only
I haven't uploaded a while for i m planning to change my animation content into something big and different and unique so i need to start evolve it into something better and cooler than i used to be though.
Other Information:
I am known by my nickname Ramiz and I'm hopeful that my message will get notice and other people will help me in my journey for i cannot do this alone but with the aid of others we can work together as a family and helping each other as the spirit of freedom and the freedom family as well and thank you for everyone time and the best is yet to come thanks everyone have awesome day.

Hi Ramez, welcome!

thanks mate you re so kind.
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