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Feb 21, 2014
What's that?

Every month, we choose one member who is fit to be the role model of the forums. But sometimes, we may not select one due to the standards we have for MotM.

What should I do to be MotM?

Its all simple, really!
You just have to:

  • Be active on the chat room.
  • Welcome new forum members.
  • Follow the rules.
  • Report the rule breakers!
  • Provide feedback to those who need it.
  • Engage in forum discussions.
  • Not have any active warning points.
Also, take note that to keep things fair, you can only be selected as MotM twice a year.

What do I get from being MotM?

Anyone who gets selected as MotM gets the following:

  • This really pretty badge for one month!
  • Free promotion in the News section.
    • Every time we announce the MotM, we will include your latest/ most popular video in the announcement thread for people to see!
  • Other benefits we are working on at the moment.
Ohh! Who selects the MotM?

The MotM is selected by moderators and admins.
However, if you want to nominate someone you know who deserves the MotM title, send us a message!
If you feel like you really deserve the MotM, feel free to nominate yourself!

That's all and best of luck! :D

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