Minecraft Server spawn build progress.

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Just a few sneak preview pictures of the ongoing Minecraft server build.
What are your thoughts?



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Feb 1, 2016
Being honest, a bit bland currently... certainly needs some work....here is a few suggestions that would make a considerable difference:
  • The waterfall is quite a big feature but is put to the side and is straight, maybe place some stainded glass and give it some form of impact on the ground. As well as having it supported rather than handing from the edge, it is more natural.
Example of what I mean with the waterfall (not my work):
  • The bridge over the river is rather standard and short, the river could be wider and the bridge could be a little more detailed.
  • The roads are could use some detailing, this is fairly easy to by just adding or removinf the sides of the road here and their to make it blend into the envoriment more
  • The mountain itself could use a little teraforming to make it fit into its surroundings, most on the back where it mets the rest of the biome in (image 5, left hand side)
  • The flag feels more like it should be a banner or board showing the logo
  • Not sure what the huts are for from the images provided, but there could instead be little caves in the mountain side, blending in more to the enviroment.
  • The big spruce tree in image 5 looks rather out of place compare to the rest of the enviroment. Either srink it or add lots more to make it blend in more.
  • Try to avoid having a solid perimeter around your spawn unless is is needed (like safe,danger zones) as it kinda shouts copy/paste to me.
  • The house lacks some depth on the roofing and structure, some overhang on the roof ans a mixture of stairs, slabs and planks can remedy that.
Hope that helps xD
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