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Jan 31, 2017
Hello and welcome all !

Cut to the chase I post videos on YouTube. I have already had a dab hand posting some videos on the channel from our many adventures and just to get feel in editing, making content, filming.

After consideration, I have had a bigger focus on my future videos, trying to think of a different way to VLOG - rather than just seeing what we do each weekend, which is fun in itself - but more personal and trying to engage YOU as the viewers.

Mainly, my reasoning to video was to easily show family and friends what I have been doing, but now I think I could attract a bigger audience with the right content.

Myself and my partner go out each weekend trying new food, new places, new activities (UK based, unless we are on holiday) and I just love the sense of adventure. Jumping on a train or driving down, going somewhere new and travelling to places we have never been before to explore.

I want to take this and reach out further, through reviewing these places and talking about our time -- whether it be the things we eat or the things we actually do and talk about our experiences - an almost 'Couple Date Ideas' vibe for partners like ourselves that might be running out of ideas or want to see what other couples get up to. I guess it could appeal to anyone willing enough and interested in these things we get up to.

We are always open to ideas, of places to travel, or activities that we could try together or what you would like to see.

I have an Instagram too that has grown in followers and likes, but for some reasons not much engagement from the public - commenting/talking - I would like to find new ways to help this change too and I feel with growing our YouTube channel it will help greatly build a fun community.

I hope you have found this interesting and feel free to ask me anything or give myself advice as I LOVE critical feedback as it helps me grow.

Warm regards,

Darrell (Adventurday)

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hello there from the #FreedomFamily!
I hope ya enjoy your time here with the freedom family :D
Great intro btw ;)