How To Upcycling: Turning Discarded Items Into Original Handicraft Work!


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Dec 24, 2019
At Craft for Naught, my idea is to create beautiful, useful handicraft works for their own sake, rather than for any obvious commercial purposes, thus the name “craft for naught” or craft for nothing. The materials I use to make these objects can also be said to be nothing because they are either seemingly worthless discarded items which I UPCYCLE , or they cost very little, such as certain kinds of clay that I use to make toy-like decorative cakes. My works range from decorative items to more useful objects such as picture frames and wooden shelves. Through my YouTube videos, I want to show like-minded netizens how to make original craft works to create a sense of community. Besides artful objects, I also present my solutions to common situations that we face in our daily life such as how to cover walls whose paint has been peeled off in creative ways. I welcome your feedback and hope together we can use our minds and hands to make life more interesting. Yours, Beanice[DOUBLEPOST=1577159874][/DOUBLEPOST]
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