Film/Animation What's the new of a 2D animation for sonic the hedgehog?


Rising User
Jan 5, 2020
The Sonic RS & the revolution of chaos the series is a new beginning in the middle ages of the anime industry things weren't like this but because of the new ages of science and technology helps to speed up the progress but anime must be taking into account it must not speed up or slow down it must handed with perfection and the state or quality of being perfect to bring people into the progress who can bring the best into the world with new fresh blood that helps the industry forward from the oldest anime we know today and how things where back in the day since 1930s and to revolutionary the industry as well must taking into account also like for example lets play role and ruler into a different not like the old or new cartoons like my channel is about to bring change into world and anime as well and Sonic RS the series in a new way of combining the work into a new awesome path like my viewers are from all around the world and they experience to me with their languages and i m so grateful for that and the purpose of Sonic RS to delivered a new awesome and vision never seen before in the world and so i m on a task to bring that change in the world by my own work though and the Sonic RS is the best sense day 1 this work was into the work for 34 years and still counting by watching other anime in our time combining it with my own to bring the best anything anyone want to see and watch on a daily basics however, but the Sonic RS is a new animation made with the fine vision and thoughts and more importantly not copy or duplicate, paste, repeat in the last 7 years I saw the industry taking this role so i thought to bring change so far the vision has pleased and made everyone happy and i m looking forward to it when it will see the day light in life by working in a real animation studio in the world with peoples who share with me the same heart and passion, pride to what i do the same and I'm thankful for YouTube and especially freedom for helping me with that but the best is yet to come in the new begin in the Sonic RS & the revolution of chaos the series.