Official YouTube Monetization (1000 subs 4k hours) breakaway promotion


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I know a lot of users are unhappy with the new monetization threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours. I'm creating this thread to help out the users that have great content and are just below the threshold. If you are almost at 1000 subscribers or 4k hours please post below one of your best videos as well as your subscriber count/hours viewed and I will update this thread.

Remember do not request sub4sub or ask for subscribers. If you are here to watch videos only subscribe to channels you truly intent to watch, fake subscribers/view do not help in channel growth.

Edit: I will be adding channels to the list that are at 75% of the required goal to reach the YPP threshold, 750-1000 subscribers and 3500-4000 hours watched. Once channels reach that amount the will be removed from the list. If you are not yet up to 75% of this goal you are still free to post your video below, once you reach 75% let us know and it will be added to the list.

Be sure to check out the channels below and support the ones that interest you!

Forsaker: Subscribers 887

Power Jusho: Subscribers 977

Hamza: Subscribers 872

JustMike: Subscribers 811

Rahul Plays: Watch Hours 3700

Indurok: Subscribers 920

GrapeVineRecording: Subscribers 895

rebmocam: Subscribers 856

BALEGAMER TV: Subscribers 879

Huffy: Subscribers 944

MWproductions1000: Subscribers 971

NinjaZombieGaming: Subscribers 846

Theomusic Studios: Watch Hours 3500

Ci Entertainment: Subscribers 921

smrt21: Subscribers 806

Buckfumbler: Subscribers 841

Deathlake: Subscribers 1135
[Goal reached]

Digu Casillas: Subscribers 1002
[Goal reached]

Ittarra Oda: Subscribers 1012
[Goal reached]

Crazy Unicorn J: Subscribers 1009
[Goal reached]

FurisBrothers85: Subscribers 1,003
[Goal reached]

MultiGameFreakz: Subscribers 1000
[Goal reached]

JESSETATTOO GAMING: Subscribers 1000
[Goal reached]

JKilo: Subscribers 1000

[Goal reached]

Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel: Subscribers 1000
[Goal reached]

Daily Driver Reviews: Subscribers 1000
[Goal reached]

AppEarningTricks: Subscribers 1000
[Goal reached]

BeatsClanLive: Subscribers 1000
[Goal reached]
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Jun 14, 2016
United Kingdom
I think its a Great Idea, Small YouTube Channels need to stick together and help each other out

Hi and Welcome to MultiGameFreakz (MGFz). Gaming coverage with Carl, Michael and Tom. 3 British Gamers who are Passionate about the Gaming industry. We studied media at college and this is where Carl and Michael met Tom, and thats where MGFz Started. Our channel is mostly consisted of gaming related videos such as News, Lets Plays, LiveStreams and Podcasts.


My Channel has 1,060 Subscribers its name is Squizz And It has 88 Hours I cant post links yet so look on my channel
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Feb 7, 2016
Hello everyone!

Honestly I don't really care if I lose monetization, because I never did it for the money, however, I believe this is a great initiative, so here it goes.
My best video ever, in my opinion:

My subscriber count as of today: 830
Hours viewed in the last 12 months (not withstanding YouTube Red: 5300

So apparently I'm just short on subs....
Thank you for this initiative!
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Forsaker Nec

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Jan 17, 2018
Hello everyone !

It time to get together and help each other ! I am Forsaker , i am doing gaming videos ( highlights form competitive games ) , atm my watch time is ok over 100k but i miss a bit of subs :(

I will be watching this topic and helping other as much as i can and i hope together we will make it !

Here is my channel

Here is one of my videos so You guys can check what I make



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Jun 26, 2014
I am one of only two people that have ran this really obscure game that I enjoy "The Suffering".

My channel in the next month will be heavily leaning towards a new playthrough idea in GTA: San Andreas. If you like GTA: San Andreas feel free to subscribe as that consists of most of my content as I've been speedrunning the game for the past three years on twitch.

Subscribers = 426
Hours in the last 12 months = 2.9k


Hey freedom
I am a small youtuber with 175 Subcriber

I have not much views. Freedom is a very nice Network and I will not lose them.


I will not lose my great time with you.

And when I kicked from this Network. Thank you for the nice time. Thanks George, chicco for our great support.
Thanks Freedom familie, thanks FreedomNL and thanks FreedomGermany.


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Don't focus on money bro, what you need is music/clips/ideas to make good content, money is just a reward for the good content ! :)
I don't know if you're talking to me, but I have barely even been focusing on that channel anyway, too much working on my main channel, and YouTube's decision has made me even less motivated. Plus, the money I earn from YouTube helps me get some of the games I want on Steam.


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Apr 2, 2016
Vienna, Austria
Where do I create a post about 30 day notice of disassociating my secondary channel from Freedom? Or do I even need to bother if that channel only has 18 subs, and never even earned money to begin with?
If you want to disassociate a channel from the Network, press the "Remove Access" button on your YouTube features page.