★ KYC #2: Don't delete videos with strikes!

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Jun 14, 2018 at 4:23 PM
Posted by LW001
George shows many examples of bad actors in this video. Learn from other's mistakes, not your own! For example: never delete videos with strikes. There is no benefit, only negatives like not being able to dispute the strike or request a retraction!

YouTube is focused on quality in 2018 and is terminating many channels that do not follow the rules. KYC: Know Your Channel is a video series by George, CEO and founder of Freedom!, that teaches you by example how to keep your channel safe.

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▼ KYC channels shown in this video

1:02 - Miss Fantasia
Issue: Framing anime TV episodes in latest two videos

1:33 - »»ANTRAX««
Issue: Terminated for violating Community Guidelines but reinstated after challenging the decision and YouTube confirmed it was a mistake to terminate the channel.

2:18 - Gam3
Issue: Full Simpsons game cut scenes in a video (not fair use, no user-controlled gameplay).

4:00 - Crazy Learning COLOR
Issue: Clips of Disney movies with no clear educational value or fair use argument.

Issue: Hacking, videos showing how to hack to avoid paying for commercial products.

5:29 - Ninja Mode
Issue: YPP suspended but reinstated after explaining to YouTube this is a backup channel owned by the same person (YouTube thought it was a copycat re-uploading content without permission).

8:26 - redlive15
Issue: Empty channel (no public videos) and no explanation in About page about channel taking a break or rebooting its content.

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