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Hello Freedom! Family!

I'm sure those of you who have been on the forums recently have noticed that the website as a whole looks ever so slightly different. I have taken some time over the last week to get rid of a bunch of the spam that has built up over the last couple of years. I have also cleaned up a bunch of the old articles and fixed the broken videos in the rotating featured video player on home page so that that the page looks cleaner. I have replaced the previous Game Servers page with a link to the article for the brand new
MGN Minecraft Server, as that is the only game server that we currently have running. Last but not least, I have fixed the Discord widget on the forums page so that it shrinks to the proper size and displays properly on mobile browsers. I would love to get the community's...

Announcement (Update as of March 6th 2024)NEW MGN Minecraft Server!

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Sadly the MGN MineCraft Server has been shut down.

Come play on our NEW MGN Minecraft server! The server is Java edition 1.20.2 but we also allow Bedrock users (Windows, Android & iOS editions) to play on the same server. We currently offer the following game modes:
  • Survival (Regular)
  • Hardcore Survival (Custom)
  • Skyblock
  • Creative (Coming soon)
  • RPG (In progress)
  • Towny (Coming Soon)
  • OP Prison (Coming soon)

We do have plans to add more game modes and content over time, and we would also love suggestions on how we can improve our Minecraft server, so please post suggestions below this post or join the MGN Discord server! Keep an eye out for Lets Play videos some of the Server Admins may post!

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