Cayden Gaming

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by. I will be uploading Monday through Friday. Hope you enjoy my videos; if you do hit that subscribe button and the bell icon to be notified of new videos getting posted. Also if you have any game suggestions or tip and ticks for a game that I am playing please leave a comment on that video, I will appreciate it and implement the tips and tricks the best that I can when I can! I will respond to comment within 24 to 48 hours.

Also I stream Monday, Tuesday and Friday on YouTube 6:30pm est to 10pm est


Road to 1k Subscribers..............147/1000
Road to 4k Hours watched.......120/4000

Looking for people 18+ to colab with on Fortnite duos, squads, or random custom games, CS:GO or other games.

Discord CaydenG#6063