The 1990s was the definitive golden age of video gaming in my opinion, the decade where genre-defining games like Command and Conquer, Doom, Master of Orion, Space Hulk, The Elder Scrolls, Ultima Online, Wing Commander, X-COM and many others made their debut. Their legacy is still being felt today in the multitude of modern titles that were directly or indirectly inspired by these games that ‘started it all’, without which the video gaming industry would not be what it is today.

I am an old-school gamer who has played a wide spectrum of mainstream and niche titles from many genres over the years, and am now at a stage where only games with a particular flair can truly grab my interest and not let it go. My YouTube channel showcases games that I feel are worthy of veteran gamers like myself from the days of yore, when games were actually fun and made by passionate visionaries who were more interested in making the game of their dreams rather than making (and milking) them for profit.