1. JunkdudeHD

    GFX Thumbnails [$1] Call of Duty Black Ops II Thumbnail Template 2017-10-15

    A $1 Call of Duty Black Ops II thumbnail template! Terms & Conditions are listed on the download page.
  2. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 #blackops2 ep56

    music by: Ellis - Migraine (feat. Anna Yvette) [NCS Release] Electronic Vibes - Don't Leave Me (ft. Mime) [NCS Release] thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me
  3. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 #blackops2 is back

    music by: leowi music - Leowi - Hollywood (ft. joegarratt) Song: Axtasia - Light Up The Sky (feat. Soundr)[NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: Download/Stream: thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on
  4. Marchman_97

    Black Ops 2 discussion! Join in!

    Was black ops 2 the best call of duty in there entire series or was it another COD? Opinions?
  5. O

    Entertainment My New Channel!

    Hello Freedom! My name is Marco and I am just starting out on YouTube. I have joined Freedom recently. I post a variety of games on my channel! If you are interested please come and check out my channel. I would love to post videos that you guys would enjoy to watch. Please give me a chance and...
  6. J

    Gaming > My New Life as Youtuber <

    Hello My name is Joachim Hoffsten or JockeH Im a gamer from Sweden and I have made a Youtube Channel calld JockeH where I wanna share the games i love. my dream has always been to be a Youtuber but its relly Hard Work this is my 2 or third channel attempt to be a youtuber and i hope i will...