call of karen

  1. Carl D

    Gaming I defeated cthullu.

    Yes you heard it I defeated cthullu in call of karen simulator game. I honestly thought I lost the battle but I won I'm actually proud of my self. :D
  2. Carl D

    I battled against cthullu.

    So I recently got this simulator game from steam and its actually laid back the levels are fun till you battle against cthullu.
  3. Carl D

    Gaming So I am almost done with the game.

    Hey y'all I am almost done with the simulator game. its actually pretty laid back I enjoyed it. If y'all have more games you would reccomend or some advice on what I can improve on my channel or video that would be great here is my part 3.
  4. Carl D

    Gaming So this is a late birthday present of mine. call of karen.

    So this is a late birthday present of mine I started to play call of karen that I bought from steam and its actually a fun little game the levels seem easy the only hard part is floating stuff but I its actually fun.
  5. Carl D

    Gaming The call of karen

    So I found this game on steam called the call of karen its actually fun simulator game. I did do some lets plays and a terrible walk through to some speed run. However I do recommend playing this game. The challenges seem some what straight to the point.
  6. Carl D

    Call of karen

    So this new simulator game out on steam is pretty decent reminds me I am bread simulator game. The challenges or puzzles are pretty much simple and straight to the point.