1. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Seeing double! mushroom

    (some flashing images) When was the time you saw double or mistaken something as something else! what is your fav type of mushroom? Tried to draw a Young shaggy inkcap mushroom, this is part of a larger drawing. Caught the wrong bus multiple times by misreading the numbers! saw double many...
  2. Deathlake

    Entertainment Relaxing or irrtating!

    Does this sound irritating or relaxing, which one do you lean to! XD what are your guys longest render, upload time or longest video? For example it took half a day just to render this simple animation in premiere pro then for upload I placed it on you tube at 7 am then it took till 2 am the...
  3. Jonathan

    Audio Time Goes By 10/05/2017 (Visualiser)

    This was generated by AI and sounds rather nice. I though I'd share it with you. This one is good for long timelapses, ambient music and more! Genre: Calm / Melancholic Note: you HAVE to place this text in your description of your video to ensure you don't get a copyright strike for using the...

    FTU Sounds Wind of Dreams 2017-03-20