crown tundra

  1. Carl D

    Gaming final battle in pokemon crown tundra.

    So this last video is extremely short like 3 mins long I had to capture Articuno the galarian one so I am officially done with the crown tundra special I am hoping to make some more gaming content as well also I have no idea if the dmca thing will affect youtube as well. So yea.
  2. Carl D

    Gaming Finally did a battle with the Zapdos

    So I finally did a battle with the galarian Zapdos and Kantonian Zapdos. it was somewhat intense. so i made a mess up on my videos.
  3. Carl D

    Gaming Finally got to play pokemon sword

    So I finally got the chance to play pokemon sword crown tundra, and the events is interesting and cool I do like the graphics if y'all like the video you can share the video if y'all like