1. IvyPlayGamez

    GFX Ivy's Art Galeries!

    Well, I do need to promote my work, and if it's possible for you guys to SHARE IT! I'll be very grateful, You see I work very hard for people to see my work, but I have a feeling that no one cares... So here ill post some videos and artworks if that is okay? I will keep updating each time i'm...
  2. AustinCreates24

    Jason My Elemental Riders OC

    This is my OC Jason. he is one of the lead characters from my story Elemental riders. Please feel welcome to give me feedback ^^
  3. 17fthigh

    "17fthigh" Digital Art

    Hey! It's not related to YOUTUBE, but just wanted to post some of my digital artworks here and maybe I could get some feedback if it's not too much to ask. It just keeps me going. Click on thumbnails to see picture in it's full size.
  4. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc Digital Game Guesser Banner 1.0

    Hi guys! Here's another awesome banner for you to use. It features a smooth and simple digital feel. It's perfect for channels that caters to video games playthroughs, Tech Vlogs, and lots more. You can customize the banner, avatar/Icons, endcards, and thumbnails to you liking. Give your...
  5. D

    Entertainment Hi everyone, We're trying to bring YouTube back to its glory days

    Hi, my name is Dan Golden, I am a part of a team of film students that grew up on the likes of freddiew, Corridor Digital, rackaracka and all the great youtubers that seem to be being phased out. We want to bring the great content back to YouTube. Come check out our first video we made by...
  6. Z

    Community Introduction Post!

    Hello, my name is Zachary Shafer (ZSShafer). I'm from South Carolina. I'm eighteen years old. I found Freedom through a YouTube Channel I used to watch frequently. After joining Freedom, I figured joining the Forums would be the next step to take. I spend a lot of time reading, designing...
  7. Tanoshibe


    Hello Everyone! o/ I draw digitally and occassionally sell my artwork at conventions here at the UK. And as I recently made a new channel for my Art, I thought it'd be interesting if I were to create something for my first video so here is a WIP of my recent piece - these are going to be...
  8. Chronamut

    Chronamut's Web Portfolio

    Hey everyone, Check out my portofolio on my website