1. BeterBekend

    Eind scherm nodig! (Annotations)

    Zou misschien iemand een eind scherm maken voor mijn kanaal ? Met als volgt: Vorige video Random video Kanaal (en dan nog een het zelfde maar dan met een extra plek voor eventueel een 2e kanaal "ivm samenwerkingen etc." )
  2. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc That One Channel Banner 1.0

    Hello there Freedom! family. Are you looking for GFX that suits your energetic vibe? Well, look no further this banner screams energy and spontaneity. The banner sends a message that you are on the go and you are ready to create content anytime, anywhere. You can completely customize your...
  3. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc Digital Game Guesser Banner 1.0

    Hi guys! Here's another awesome banner for you to use. It features a smooth and simple digital feel. It's perfect for channels that caters to video games playthroughs, Tech Vlogs, and lots more. You can customize the banner, avatar/Icons, endcards, and thumbnails to you liking. Give your...
  4. Freedom! Nero

    GFX Misc Trendy Channel Banner 1.0

    Try out this new GFX where you can customize your avatar, banner, endcards, and thumbnails. Let your audience know that you're funky, you're in the know and most importantly, let them know you are the coolest person alive. Have fun!
  5. FuriousYT26

    Service Free & Paid Graphics

    Hi all I am FURIOUS, I am a certified graphic designer. I do both Free & Paid work, below is a Banner that I did for @Connor Gunningham - This is a Free Banner. If your interested in my work please don't hesitate to contact via one of the below options: Skype - FURIOUS or...
  6. Xellius

    Service Thumbnails/endcards/introcards :)?

    hio i have some nice ideas atm so if someone needs a thumbnail layout/setup (u have to switch the imiges and the text stuff -its made with gimp 2.0) just ask me i try to make something like thumbnails, endcards,intro picture and maybe something different i could even make for u a intro video if...
  7. GoldenGame 16

    Hey Guys I need a new Outro

    So i already have a Intro and I want a outro yet. So I asked u guys :D The Person who can make me an Outro (where Is a Like and Subscribe button and a Video slot) become a Link in every description ;)
  8. GoldenGame 16

    GFX Is anyone good in making Outros/Endcards?

    Hi i am searching for an good Outro maker for my channel, pls reply when u are interested in ;)