green screen

  1. George

    How To ★ The perfect Green Screen in OBS!

    I shows my OBS settings to help you with your green screen. What do you use for your green screen when making videos?
  2. Tutorial Virus Rj


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  3. MariamPMusic

    Request Last Video Review

    Hi! I just upload my last cover to my YouTube Channel, is the first time that I use the Green Screen.. I did it with a green towel and I need to know how do you see it. Is it okay? Could be better? Let me know what do you think about it and how can I improve it. Thank you all!
  4. TimeOut Corner

    Review4Review One 2 Switch Party game of the Year and Night

    Have updated my in video look a bit. Have tried to get rid of the shadow in the background as suggested by Freedom Partner: Doodleysvs on the channel so I changed lighting and position of myself to help with that, also suggested by him was to use mic which I have also added but for this video I...
  5. David Richardson

    Service Graphics and Video Services (Pay Only)

    If anyone needs GFX or VFX I have my pricing table below. I do this on my spare time so the prices are fair. If you need to see examples you can check out my channel. I am a crappy actor so don't judge. I would be a great go to guy for all your needs. Channel Art with Avatar: 20.00 Thumbnail...
  6. kaito1996

    Need a suggestion from this community

    Hello Freedom! Community, I'm a new YouTuber in this community. My content about green screen/chroma key. Currently, I'm short of ideas of what I should green screen next. So I'm going to ask this community for suggestion. What do want me to green screen? Thank you
  7. R.O.M.E.L.O.

    VLOG My Green Screen Setup Revealed (Vlog)

    In this video, I'm going to reveal to you my wonderful and awesome green screen setup. It's not really that wonderful.
  8. Nobody Elcewood

    Entertainment My First Decapitation!

    Mamma Always said Don't loose your head.. But I never was Very Good at Listening. I don't Have all the Proper tools, Or even Work Space to do what I want to Do...But I'm Not going to Let that Stop Me. I AM an Amateur, So I'm OK with the Fact that Some of my work shows it... But I'm Still Proud...
  9. Nobody Elcewood

    Film/Animation New to The Screen!

    I have bean Attempting Some experiments On My Chanel as of late. I am Using Sony Movie Studio 13 for My editing. I am Still working out the Kinks to even Lighting, And Spacial Relativity (The Space I lack, vs The space I need to do it right) And I sure would appreciate any helpful Tips, Or...