1. kabalyero

    Gaming Mir4 Draco Went To The MOON [Gaming / Play To Earn / Crypto]

    Mir4 Draco went to the MOON twice already today but it didn't stay long in the moon. I went down before it went up again and now it's going back down. Sadly, I didn't have any Mir4 Draco to trade.
  2. kabalyero

    Gaming Mir4 Philippines Draco Token Is DIRT CHEAP! Is Mining Darksteel A Waste Of TIME? (Gaming/PlayToEarn)

    A normal #Mir4 player with only one account would spend somewhere around 6 to 8 hours a day mining #Darksteel to smelt for 1 Draco. If you think it's a lot of time spent mining Darksteel for 1 #Draco then you're not wrong but, the question is, was it worth your time?