overwatch thumbnail

  1. Some Bad Gamer

    GFX Thumbnails Overwatch Healers Thumbnail Template 2018-06-05

    Hello Freedom! family. so I have gotten into photoshop recently and I have created my first thumbnail. I think it is pretty good and wanted to share it with anyone who wants to use it. The PSD file has all the Overwatch healers and an editable title. If you use it please give me credit in the...
  2. Astinax

    Service Free Overwatch Highly Customizable Thumbnail Template

    Hey guys! So I made an Overwatch thumbnail template with as many options I could think of :) I hope it can help some people around struggling with thumbnails ! I'm trying to give a second breath to my gfx channel, which to be fair, never really had one in the first place :p I'd greatly...