1. Deathlake

    Film/Animation How do you like your food!

    for the Inktober prompt precious drew garlic and bread with mini food rant! what are your guys thoughts on cheese garlic pizza or cheese on seafood? what do you like to put garlic on or your fav bread dish!
  2. Deathlake

    Film/Animation BALDING!

    Please do comment below or on the actual video any hair disasters or if you're balding on the top but can rock a beard! Test animation abstract pink hair glitch. Bold patches and twirling hairs o.o
  3. Deathlake

    Film/Animation if you could pick any animal ?

    Please do comment below or on the actual video what would you do if this was your pet or if you could pick what animals to mash up together to make a new animal, what would they be and why! Created this for a Thesis animation.3D art part bird, part snake speed modelling speedpaint and hair...
  4. Row

    VFX "Beauty & Fashion" Freedom! Asset Pack 1.0

    These motion VFX can be added to the end of your video to help promote user interaction. Includes: Subscribe animation Like animation Comment below animation End screen animation Please read the "Read Me" text. Copyright Note All Rights Reserved @ MCN Freedom! Tech 2017 Usage License...
  5. Puppy Glee

    Comedy I am Puppy Glee :)

    Hey You, I am Puppy Glee, the pink imperial walker girl. I like to do everything i like. ^.^ Zzzubriscbe to follow my life Ő.Ő I have just started my channel but I am really motivated to show You the most I can. You will see all of my movements, funny moments in short videos that doesn't take...