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  1. K

    Gaming Promoting my The Sims 4 Gaming Channel

    Hi everyone I am new to YouTube and I am posting Let’s plays and Builds videos from the sims 4 I will eventually like to add vlogs as well.
  2. Row

    Official GIF me up, before you go go

    How about "GIF me up, Scotty!"? I tried. Hi Freedom! Forums people, We want your funny/creative/scary gifs from your YouTube videos! You may use giphy or any other YouTube to GIF service to help you create your GIFsterpiece. Also, include a link to the source video! The best ones will get...
  3. LW

    Community Bounties for your promotion threads!

    Hey, I'm LW and I'm a great advocate of making the promotion section useful to everyone. I came up with an idea (Sure I kinda took inspiration from Stack Overflow but doesn't matter) to create bounties for threads in the promotion section. Why am I doing this? The promotion section was a video...
  4. LW

    Forums The Forums are not a dumping ground. Don't market them as one. AND: How to fix media and promotion

    Okay. I wanted to make this thread for a while. This is an extension of Fixing the Dumping Ground by TL;DR. As we all have noticed and seen people notice that this Forum is dead asides from the Promotion Section and posts that would belong there but aren't there we know there is something...
  5. Koala_Steamed

    Forums Bulk Media Enabled - Submit Your Content [Now Closed]

    Just a quick update The media section has been opened up for 1 week enabling bulk playlist submissions for all freedom partners. Whats that mean? You can submit media videos for free! This will cost no credits, however it will not be sent to the promotion section or be promoted via chat. You...
  6. Koala_Steamed

    Forums Media section open to all partners for 1 week!

    We are still testing this section but would like to open it up for all Freedom! partners for 1 week so post your best content you have over there. Let us know if there are any features that you would like included or any bugs you can find. The media tab can be found at the top of the forums or...
  7. MDavisTV

    Comedy Hey guys!

    Hey hows it going guys?! My name is MDavisTV, I currently have 69 subscribers and I love to play video games on my ps4 and vlogging. If any of you guys would like to check out my channel lit would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to grow as much as I can and I will be doing lifestreams within...
  8. MDavisTV

    VLOG Daily Vlogging this Week! Decided to daily vlog for this week and if it goes over well with you guys I will continue to carry on the streak! I mostly play games on my channel but I decided to change it up and see how it goes! hope you guys enjoy!
  9. LW

    Tips & Tricks Effectively using these Forums to promote your channel

    Hello and welcome to this new guide. I'm not sure whether someone has already made a guide like this as XenForo search isn't particularly at Google search level… So in this small guide I'll be writing about how you can actually grow your channel or generally profit off of these Forums. So...
  10. Koala_Steamed

    Forums Forum Credits - How do they work?

    ₡ Freedom! Forum Credits ₡ As I'm sure quite a few of you have noticed, we have introduced Credits to the Freedom! Forums. These are awarded for being active and helpful towards your fellow content creators. Here is a list of things that will earn you Credits. Regular Forum Actions Get...