sub milestone

  1. Carl D

    Subscriber Milestone I am actually close to my sub count

    So I found out my channel is some what close to my goal and I gotta say I am proud of myself. But I'll be making more improvements to my channel.
  2. The Rubin

    Subscriber Milestone 1300 Subscribers

    Is this chat mainly me now? Lol. 3 milestones within 20 or so days... Anyways, I have officially passed 1.3k subscribers. Roll on the next 100 when I post this out again.
  3. The Rubin

    Subscriber Milestone 1234 Subs.

    Wow, 1234 subs. Just sounds like I'm counting up in 1s when I say that. Anyways, today I hit 1,234 subscribers on my channel. Idk how this is a milestone but sure lol.
  4. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Subscriber Milestone 6K subscribers reached!

    So on my Gaming channel, Ive just hit 6,000 subscribers! an amazing achievement, I started the channel back in 2010, I was excited when I got 1 subscriber, over the moon at 10, astonished at 100, blow away at 1,000. Now im at over 6,000 subscribers. I will be honest I did have a 8 months break...
  5. LPSprouts

    Subscriber Milestone W00T W00T

    So, i just looked at my channel and realized that i passed 20 subs! its a small achievement but it feels rewarding to me. now im 1/5th of the way to my first goal! lets get it. (thank you to any freedom members who support my channel and videos it really means a-lot too me) <3
  6. GizmoShock

    Subscriber Milestone 1,100 SUBS BABY!

    WOW I sure didn't expect to be here! After 1 year of uploading 227 videos to YouTube, I GizmoShock have finally made it past 1,000 subscribers! Thanks for all the support! I'm walking in the clouds I'm so happy! Btw, in case your's a mobile gaming channel for Clash of Clans and...
  7. JJ Krispy

    Subscriber Milestone 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!

    I am JJ Krispy In just under 4 months I have reached over 100 subscribers and 12,000 views. I am currently at 117 at the time of posting this and have high ambitions and goals for my channel and hope to keep on growing and moving forward to bigger and better things. While many of you who are...
  8. G-Legend

    Subscriber Milestone 27 Subs and Counting!!

    I'm so happy to have 27 subs! My goal is 100 and my vision is 100,000. I remember when I couldn't even get 20 views on a single video... now I got a few with over 100. :)
  9. The OG Lime

    Subscriber Milestone 20 Subscribers + 70 Views

    Today I hit 20 Subscribers and 70 Views. I have been doing YouTube 3 weeks and this is huge. Thank You To Everyone. Lets See if I grow further due to this forum
  10. OffMyYak

    Subscriber Milestone 3 SUBS AWAY FROM 250 SUBSCRIBERS:O

    thanks to each and every one of you who has helped me and supported my youtube channel since etc beginning this site defiantly without a doubt has the best community of people all looking to help each other! thank you!
  11. Malik Cole

    Gaming I am a new member

    what's up my freedom family I just wanted to say hi I am looking forward to partnering with some of you ,I am looking forward to partnering and making great content with some of my fellow freedom friends
  12. Raid Chico

    Subscriber Milestone 1,000 Subscribers!

    I just hit 1,000 subscribers! I can't thank you guys enough for this huge milestone for me! I love you guys! :)
  13. Jon Deathsight

    YouTube Views Milestone 9410 Views on the channel!

    Wow I just realized how many views I have on my Channel today I can't believe my videos have been watched that many times! Thank you all so much for the support. I am a fairly new youtuber and I am hoping the views only go up from here.
  14. H

    Subscriber Milestone I Hit 150 Subscribers!

    The other day I hit 150 Subscribers! Its not much but its an achievement! Onwards and upwards! Lets get to 200 subs!!
  15. B

    Subscriber Milestone Thank you Freedom

    Hi there. Last night I joined the Freedom Forum and guess what I have got 125 subscriber on my youtube channel and I'm very happy. Thank you to all who has subscribed to my YouTube channel. Thanks thanks thanks.
  16. TheScarletBlaze

    Subscriber Milestone 500 subscribers on main channel!

    At the beginning of this year i hit 500 subscriber's on my main channel which is crazy i know there are channels much much larger than my own but hitting this milestone is both scary because honestly 30 people in a room is scary talking in front of 500 ah still its exciting and tells me im doing...
  17. RoyJohnson49

    Subscriber Milestone 75 Subscribers!

    I currently have 75 subscribers and 4,000+ views as of today. Thanks for all the support that's come from all the kind people here at Freedom. I've been growing my channel for 3 years now and I hope to see it reach higher and higher places. Again, thanks for all the awesome support. I greatly...
  18. ReWiredUp

    Subscriber Milestone 50 subs!

    I am surprised and grateful. I haven't had the time to create YouTube specific content but I've been slowly adding and more people are subscribing. Thanks to anyone who sub(bed)(s) I appreciate the support :) Go Freedom Rewiredup