1. PlatinumPurge

    GFX Thumbnails Platinum Purge Thumbnail Game Pack 1 1

    Game Thumnail Pack - Version 1 Fortnite Minecraft
  2. AustinCreates24


    Hi! I'm a graphic designer and I love to help people out :) If you are in search for a good logo, a good banner or anything in that route, just simply reply to me ^^ If you want to check out my style you can look at my website under the tab of personal and graphics. (I do have to mention that...
  3. JDK_

    Anyone want some free GFX stuff done? Banner, thumbnails e.c.t.

    Pretty much I enjoy using Photoshop and would like to get more practice however its hard coming up with ideas so if any-one wants, I'd be happy to does some work for them for free (or maybe a small commission if possible)! Example GFX made by me:
  4. M&Mnz

    Tips & Tricks Tips

    Is anybody an expert on I want to know how i can improve this thumbnail
  5. OneHeartVice

    Do people even put effort into their videos anymore?

    Not an attack I swear. Just I see so many people trying to make it on YouTube and failing, probably because their content is poor. I'm talking about poorly made thumbnails, generic intros that are just free templates ripped from random websites, crackly mics etc etc. I'm just wondering if...
  6. L


    I'm offering cheap thumbnails like 1 dollar i'm practicing so i dont promise epicness!;P