1. RSJP

    Entertainment Aspiring YouTuber; 18 and Haitian

    Hi everyone, I just started my youtube channel a month ago and now that I am graduating high school I wanted to start making memories through my youtube. Hope you guys comment and share some of your advice with me, I am all ears for constructive criticism and support my growth through this new...
  2. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Small kitchen panic

    We still love cooking though
  3. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG I couldn't convince him

    Enjoy the vlog when I failed in selling my Mac & Cheese recipe to my boyfriend XD
  4. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Why does this keep happening?

    Hey! We are back with another vlog and obviously more food, cute pets and lazyness. Also, if you have any tips regarding our problem they would be very welcome!
  5. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG We finally got the tickets!

    Welcome to another vlog where we managed to buy the tickets for the new marvel movie: Avengers: Infitnity war.
  6. VFX Chicken

    How To HEY GUYS!!

    Hi my name is Jack from VFX Chicken and if any of you guys are interested in film and Visual Effects, subscribe to my channel to learn and to support the content I upload. I may upload short clips I have made my self as well some reels I would like to show off with however I will also try to...
  7. L

    Comedy Im new here but i have potential lol

    Yes i am new here and not experienced on this or matter of fact any MCN . So if anyone can just show me a lil bit or tips on how to become a more experienced user of this forum. That's all i need really. Oh i also say i have potential because im just a real outgoing guy and im just entertaining...
  8. Sebastian Varmu

    Soy Sebastian Varmu

    Hola, me llamo sebastian varmu y hago videos para youtube, recien entre a freedom y espero puedan apoyarme
  9. T

    Gaming Hey guys I am...

    Hey guys I am Mr Lets Play! I am a currently small (as of posting this) channel with only 8 videos, and I do 1 video a day. I'm looking for a group to collab with on console though one important rule for the group is that you need to have a lot of the games the group has, or it just really wont...
  10. Daniel Hannah

    Gaming looking for an active audience :)

    I've already done an 'introduce yourself' but it wasn't very good so here I am again. Basically I'm a PS4 player who plays almost any game I can. I post letsplays and the odd tutorial or news. Despite all of my amazing efforts I don't seem to be getting views. I don't understand why though...
  11. Daniel Hannah

    Gaming Hello?

    Hi my name is Daniel Hannah and I've just started youtube. I make PS4 videos and I really hope that I can gain an active audience. I mainly play Call of Duty but I'm also doing lets-plays of games like Far Cry Primal and stuff like that. I'd love to colab and I'm just looking to entertain people...
  12. Munchie Videos

    Tips & Tricks Tips For New Channel

    Hey guys! Ryan from Munchie Videos here. Just recently started uploading videos fairly consistently on my channel, and was hoping you guys could help me with some start up tricks to get my videos out there. Thanks for the help!
  13. NathsProductions


    Hey guys I have finally uploaded my first video and it would be really awesome if you could check it out, Thanks in advance. It means a lot!