Batman: Arkham Origins - Walkthrough Part 8 Anarky Lore & Most Wanted Guide

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Aug 4, 2017 at 7:15 AM
Posted by Anthony Smith
Batman Arkham Origins "Stealth Gameplay" with Commentary.
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Batman Arkham Origins: Most Wanted Anarky Guide

This Batman Arkham Origins: Episode 8 covers the Side Mission (Most Wanted) with Anarky defusing 2 more Bombs & confronting Anarky in Gotham's old Courthouse!

Main Objectives:
- Defuse Mall Bomb
- Defuse GCPD Bomb
- Defeat the Anarchist Anarky

Most Wanted Criminal: CASE FILE The Anarchist of Gotham!

Name: Anarky / Lonnie Machin

While abnormally intelligent, Lonnie is no ordinary Child. Anarky is apolitical and socially unaware. He blames the US Govt for everything & recruits the Homeless into his Anarchist Army. Even though he is underage, don't underestimate his cunning. Anarky will Kill those he deems Sheep or to prove a point about his ideals. First appearing in Detective Comics No.608 Nov. 1989. Even though he faced The Batman & Nightwing, Lonnie considers himself Robin's (Tim Drakes) Archenemy.


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