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    Subscriber Milestone Just hit 550 subs

    Hey guys, recently hit 550 subs, on my way to the 1000 mark. Wish me luck.
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    Gaming Amnesia Collectoin

    Just started playing Amnesia and it looks incredible.
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    Live Black manta

    I know right, can't seem to get a decent live stream
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    Live Black manta

    Injustice2 live now
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    Gaming Need feedback

    Thanks bro, glad u liked it
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    Gaming Need feedback

    This is my newest video. I've tried to add some funny moments into the video, but wanted some feedback on the how I edited it and if it is at all funny.
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    Hardest Levels/Bosses You've Ever Seen

    I always remember the the final boss in the first 'Prototype' game was hard
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    Other Milestone SMASHED MY GCSES!

    Good job, you've done awesome
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    Gaming Injustice 2 fighter pack 2 revealed

    Yh he looks awesome, I think he's one that I will definitely get
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    Gaming Injustice 2 fighter pack 2 revealed

    Injustice 2 have finally revealed the new dlc characters that will be joining the game.
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    Gaming A new Jurassic World game for consoles

    I can't wait for it, it looks awesome
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    Subscriber Milestone Reach 900 Subscribers !

    Congrats mate, your doing awesome