This complete pack of resources includes a customizable avatar, thumbnails, and channel banner for YouTube. This was designed with maximum flexibility in mind and can be modified by changing the text and or the hue and saturation sliders to match the colors and vibe that you're after. The color scheme here was chosen... mainly because I'm a fan of the Joker from DC Comics and it was fun to see what his channel might look like if he had one ;)
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Really awesome, it is crisp and smooth <3
Nice and clean, really good quality, great job!
Simple but very eye catching, backgrounds pop but don't overpower the text. Nice clear clean fonts make it easy on the eyes
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith
Very deep review, Thanks!!
Simplicity is the best... I might actually use this at some point if I want to get back into making videos!
Plain and simple, but also effective! The colours blend well at the back and are not overpowering to disrupt the reading of the text. More about the text: Nice font, and small, easy to read social media references which allows any viewer, sub or not to keep in contact with you. Overall, they are nice designs!
Really like the way you made the background! The Head txt with the logo's underneath for social media are very clear to read. Well done!
Really enjoy these! I couldn't resist, had to open up the thumbnail and start messing with it straight away. Good base for someone looking to create or update for a series. The banner and display pic would be helpful for those starting out and should be easy to customize. Nice overall :)
Excellent for new channels that don't quite have a direction yet. It makes the channel look so much more organized and gives it a little theme. I like that it is customizable to better suit what your channel's theme may be!
Looks like a great theme to tie the channel brand together. May need to be slightly customized to suit a specific channel though.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith
Yep. that's the point. high customizability, low effort while still looking snazzy!