1. Carl D

    Anime and Cartoons Thoughts on making your own anime?

    So lately I've been watching some anime and been teaching myself some of the basic concepts of animations, have ya'll ever considered of making your own anime?
  2. Bob Pepper how to Cook

    How To Hi I'm Bob Pepper and i'm NEW here

    I do Youtube Videos on how to cook and i create Animations, im not shore how it works here so give me some time to work it out
  3. ian thagger

    Request I need someone to review my animation channel

    Its now weeks and I have been making animations .I need someone to review my channel and videos
  4. Eli Dreemurr

    Film/Animation Greetings Freedom! Peoples

    Your name/alias: Eli Animations Where are you from?: New York How old are you?: 17 How did you find Freedom!?: Researching communities What made you join our forums?: The community What are your hobbies?: Drawing and video games What is your favorite food?: Pizza Why did you start YouTube...
  5. Heroic Studios

    Comedy Hey everyone, check out this channel for comedy videos!

    This is our youtube channel. We make funny comical animation videos. Check it out for a good laugh! I also do not do sub 4 sub, I want active viewers.
  6. Sergus White

    Comedy New video style ! Feeedback :))))

    I’ve been a lot into gaming videos and finally came round to trying something new. Will be making some cool new videos. I know this video is short, but any comments would be appreciated !
  7. BluEdge Chekpoint

    Offering We Want You! (Content Creation/Channel Review)

    Hey everyone, So something we want to start a new. We want to start a brand new video series (I guess you can call it that) where as to we want to show you off. I think we are going to call it "Challenge Accepted", where we give you a challenge and you come up with something creative. Basically...
  8. Blazeja

    GFX Hey I'm Blazeja

    Hey guys I'm Blazeja, I'm an awkward 14 year old from New England who does art and makes animatics about the cringy stuff that happens in my life. I upload usually once a week, occasionally more. My goal rn is too reach 500 subs by the end of the year. So thanks for reading, and check out my...
  9. SkeletonMC

    Resources Minecraft Blender Llama Rig

    So Guys, I've created 1 of the newest mob that has been added in Minecraft, The LLAMAS!!! So, Before Downloading, Please Read The Things About This Rig. -IK/FK Feets -FancyFeet -Stretch -RestrictSelect - Able To Disable Eyebrows -Able To Disable Teeth -Able To Disable FancyFeet -Able To Disable...
  10. 7jo29

    Gaming Thoughts on animations in videos?

    I was wondering what people thought about animations in videos. I usually put animations in to show through text or pictures a funnier story. Do you think it takes away from the original content or adds to it?
  11. David Richardson

    VLOG Looking for Collaborators and Mentors

    I only have 243 subscribers and desperately want to grow. I have a lot to contribute such as Account on Flixpress which allows you to make awesome intros, Explainio Software. I am also a web developer by trade. You help be grow and increase my subs and mentor me I will help you out with what...
  12. Christina Kersten

    Recommend animating channels for me to watch!

    I'm looking for new channels to watch and recently I've been into animation channels. I'm looking for channels like swoozie and domics