1. Carl D

    Anime and Cartoons Thoughts on making your own anime?

    So lately I've been watching some anime and been teaching myself some of the basic concepts of animations, have ya'll ever considered of making your own anime?
  2. S-Records

    Film/Animation Anime Fans

    Hello Freedom Comunity , Specially Anime fans here some thing for you
  3. -quise-

    Music I make tons of chill music on my channel! Hope to get to 50 subs this week!

    Hey! If you enjoy slowed + reverbed music, sped up nightcore music and lo-fi hiphop mixes then maybe check out my channel...or not it's coo. If you decide to peep through it then maybe leave a like and drop a sub. I work really hard on this channel and just wish to reach more people who'll be...
  4. Deathlake

    Other Milestone Made it as semi- Finailst and shown in a film Festival!

    Managed to get an animation I created last year " Snabirtle circus" in the semi Finals and shown in a Film festival! The animation took a year to create and it was about the sensitive topic of child abuse, sex trafficking and expoltion due to greed. 15 sec Trailer: Full animation...
  5. Deathlake

    VLOG London pink rice and walk around!

    Did a mini london series. Tried out some pink rice, do you guys prefer to use chopsticks or a for! Have you came across a time you brought the food or item just because it looked good but it end up tasting terrible? tried to force some of the rice down, had to end up throwing it away! the...
  6. Crazy Dubs Productions

    Film/Animation Crazy Dubs Productions

    Howdy I'm Crazy Dubs Productions, I do mostly parody voice actings of non-English cartoons and heavily edit the music and sfxs to make them stand out. I am 100% available for collaborations. I am also a colourist\shader as well, you can see I have a full-coloured short animation on my channel...
  7. Deathlake

    Other Milestone Animation in art gallery!

    Snabirtle Circus animation that I spent a year on as a final major project for uni BA animation degree, got shown in a Art gallery film event!^^ Full animation tackling some sensitive topics, never enough time to complete an animation. So many things I wished I redone or added D :
  8. Traf Plays

    Entertainment K.A.A.N - Denzel [BORUTO AMV]

    K.A.A.N - Denzel [BORUTO AMV]
  9. Kirito Solo

    Gaming Hello~~

    what's up~ i'm new here , all i do is play visual novel so i thought why not just record it so people can read it from youtube :D
  10. Eli Dreemurr

    My OC in Doki Doki Literature Club

    i did a speedpaint of my oc eli dreemurr in the game doki doki literature club and i think it looks awesome!
  11. SoundEffect

    Anime and Cartoons Anime Music Video

    Which anime movie you would choose if you were to make an amv and what kind of music would be nice
  12. IvyPlayGamez


    LET'S PLAY TWITCH EXCLUSIVE!! TALES OF SYMPHONIA I started an exclusive let's play on twitch! Come and check it out the second episode at 12pm GMT +1 (5h ahead of EST 6 PST) On Monday!

    Vídeos novos WELL FIGHTER! 02/05/2018

    Olá pessoal te convido pra verem MEus novos vídeos e se inscrevem ao meu canal pessoal ^^ Keep On Fighting Esses Duendes gostam de Aventuras COlossus apanhou muito! Vem descubrir 5 personagens onipotentes dos anime
  14. IvyPlayGamez

    Gaming I'm still impressed with this PC!

    As you know, or not, for the longest time, 10 years to be exact I had an old laptop, it's still my baby, but he was right, i could bearly use it for gaming or anything related...just look at this game play! Works so smothly ♥
  15. mikey6002

    Gaming Looking for League Of Legends, Smite, or Anime Collab

    I am looking for people to duo either in League or Smite (Summoner's Rift) For those of you that play Smite, we can duo in Conquest, joust, and why not arena If your just a person who likes anime and want to talk about it then I am looking for you. We could talk about a current anime and...


    ;) Olá eu sou WELL FIGHTER e tenho um canal do YOUTUBE destinado há Gameplay de Jogos de luta/Jogos Retro/Unboxing/Critica/Youtube e outras coisinhas mais com o intuito de trazer um bom contéudo para todos uma forma de entertenimento/informação e Diversão, sem ir nessa onda de video apelativos...


    ;) Hello I am WELL FIGHTER and I have a YOUTUBE channel destined for Gameplay of Fight Games / Retro Games / Unboxing / Critics / Youtube and other things more with the intention of bringing a good content to everyone a form of entertainment / information and Fun, without going in this wave of...
  18. IvyPlayGamez

    Subscriber Milestone A milestone reached!!!

    Well, I dunno how but in 2 days I had finaly reaches the milestone I was waitting for!! my art channel has reached the 600/600 subs! HORRAY!!! I should do something, but I already did my Copic Giveaway, so I don't think i'll make another one soon, My ga,img channel mlestone is 168/200 its not...
  19. Amaris Art

    Drawing Goku New For Ultra Instinct Omen

    Hey everyone today i've drawn Goku in his new form called Ultra Instinct ^_^/. I've use prismacolors and other art materials to draw the character. I must say I love the results and hope you learn some tips from me drawing a DBZ/DBS character. Check out my channel ^^/.