1. kabalyero

    Gaming Decentraland, Increase Your CPU Heat In Seconds (Virtual World / Crypto)

    Decentraland, a virtual world like Second Life but powered by Crypto. I went to check it out but a horrible thing happened. It was so horrible I had to immediate close Decentraland's website before it was too late.
  2. kabalyero

    Gaming Mir4 Philippines Draco Token Is DIRT CHEAP! Is Mining Darksteel A Waste Of TIME? (Gaming/PlayToEarn)

    A normal #Mir4 player with only one account would spend somewhere around 6 to 8 hours a day mining #Darksteel to smelt for 1 Draco. If you think it's a lot of time spent mining Darksteel for 1 #Draco then you're not wrong but, the question is, was it worth your time?
  3. Robert Clark

    earn crypto using STEEM

    Is anyone on the forum signed up for Steemit? You account starts with some STEEM value which you can buy and add to or if you post content and the community upvotes you can then earn and withdraw.
  4. Robert Clark

    Community Building a following on D.Tube and Steem!/v/buckfumbler/7pqws1rg If you want to join it does take some time to get everything setup. I suggest starting soon and reading offers an option for content creators to earn and get paid quickly and easily. If you are already a...
  5. Robert Clark

    Network Adding feature

    I like that Freedom is getting into crypto by launching its miner. I think by joining the crypto community we should add to the site to schedule uploads and transfer our content there. If you are not familiar with it is like youtube except depending on the number of...
  6. Ashley SilverDust

    Newsletter Here's How the #FreedomFamily Didn't Give Up!

    Hello, everybody! I'm back, on behalf of the Community Team, with your newsletter for March 2018. This year started with many changes that for the average person might stop them, but this community isn't average - we never give up! Let's see how everyone marched on last month. :) Contests &...
  7. Phalguna.G


    if i have a gpu that i use for gaming and want to use for mining then can i use it for both purposes one at a time, like mine when i am not gaming and play rest of the time
  8. Phalguna.G


    Hello i am a bit confused about crypto mining but at the same time very interested in it. first of all what kind of a gpu is required for the mining (is this ok-gigabyte NVidia GV-N710D3-2GL) and i have an AIO so i shuld setup an external gpu is it? finally what am i to loose if i start...
  9. K Army Gaming

    Here to support

    Just downloaded it to support the freedom family know it wont make a big difference but still here to help lolz Still have to read up on what this whole mining thing is but if anyone can explain, I'm all ears to learn.
  10. PlatinumPurge

    Crypto Miner Update Version 0.1.10

    As revealed in The george Show. Updates: Cash Out - Will catch out on one penny (Future Planned) Crypto payments will come out at the end of this month for February mining. Freedom: 100 GTX 1080 TI have been ordered to make a first Crypto Miner Server! Sponsorship for those willing to run...
  11. PlatinumPurge

    Crypto Miner Update Version 0.1.8

    As revealed in The george Show. Updates: Crypto Miners now support all AMD Graphic Cards! Georg is willing to give away some NVDIA Graphic card if your willing to run the miner for one year! Freedom: 100 GTX 1080 TI have been ordered to make a first Crypto Miner Server! Downloading the...
  12. PlatinumPurge

    List Your Working Setup

    If you have a working Freedom! Crypto miner list your specification below so that others can see which ones are currently working. Your GPU: Your operating system: Current version on the Crypto Miner: Estimated daily earnings: Hi so I'm going to create a list under this sentence of different...
  13. PlatinumPurge

    Forums Crypto Miner Area on the forums!

    I was wandering we can have a CryptoMiner area on the forums with areas called -- Your Setup -- Problems & Bugs -- General Inquiries Just an area dedicated on the forums where we can discuss future addons, see what each Graphic card earns. What algorithm each graphic card does?