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  1. lex beats

    Music Hello folks, its me again, with some new royalty free celtic music!

    Hey there boys and girls, i am here to bring you another one of my songs for free, which you can use in your videos! All you have to do is mention my name or my song in description and we are good! Take care and have a nice day!
  2. lex beats

    Music Royalty free lo fi hip hop track!

    Another one of my songs, free at your disposal! In case you missed it here is the link:
  3. lex beats

    Music A royalty free lofi track for you guys, by me!

    Just like tittle says, its a free lofi track pretty fit for all of your videos, you don't have to do anything besides giving me a credit in description. Its calm, its repeatable and its free, what else you could ask for!
  4. Koala_Steamed

    Freedom! Music Factory

    What are your thoughts on Freedom!'s music factory project? Here is a video created by Freedom!'s music factory team It was submitted as challenge for an Indi contest so be sure share it with others! :) What is Music Factory?
  5. T

    Solved Freedom Free Music Use Policy..

    Hello Friends.. Can i use freedom free music for my videos before join freedom mcn network ? I create my videos for freedom network.. please answer me
  6. 3hab Music

    Music Que Pasa Amigos!

    Music is my thing, i'm in sunny Southern California and Thanks for having me! Read about Freedom, online,, and wanted to be part of the community. Creatives draw my inspiration, no pun intended. I have a Music Channel with free MP3 downloads for Independent Content Creators/ artists. Good luck...

    FTU Sounds Echoes Of Rain 2017-07-31

    Music free to use for the #FreedomFamily! This song is 100% free and safe to use for everyone in the Freedom! Family, even if you leave Freedom! (But, you cannot upload new videos using Music Factory tracks after you leave Freedom!)
  8. Jonathan

    Audio Time Goes By 10/05/2017 (Visualiser)

    This was generated by AI and sounds rather nice. I though I'd share it with you. This one is good for long timelapses, ambient music and more! Genre: Calm / Melancholic Note: you HAVE to place this text in your description of your video to ensure you don't get a copyright strike for using the...

    Official The Music Factory Project For You!

    Hey everyone :-) You may remember a month ago George making this video ...Introducing the new Music Factory project lead by Ben! Music Factory will be a platform for composers and musicians to earn revenue while making free custom music for freedom! partners to use in their videos and...
  10. SideKick

    Music Use this royalty free song in your videos! (High by JBL)

    Need music for your channel? Enjoy this famous royalty free track, High by JBL! For the creators, by the creators! More royalty free music here!
  11. mohamed amine benmalou

    Music if you need some free trap beats for you're channel ask here

    hi guys my name is mohamed amine am a producer and i would love to help you guys to grow your channel same as i want to grow mine so if you need some beats hit me up
  12. Demkeys

    Music Empty Halls (Piano Composition)

    Hey guys, I've made another piano composition. This one's called Empty Halls. With this composition I decided to try something different. I usually stick with the tempo while composing riffs. With this track I actually tried some riffs completely ignoring the tempo. I'm gonna add this track...
  13. Demkeys

    Audio Piano Compositions v0.3

    Hey everyone. Here's a couple of my piano compositions that I would like to offer to the community. I'm gonna be posting the links here in the description, because they are all '.wav' files, and since I plan on adding more later, eventually the pack is just gonna become really big in size. So...
  14. Demkeys

    Music A Maze (Piano Composition)

    Back with another piano composition. I call this one A Maze. It was quite an adventure figuring out the rhythm. It was initially something else, but I kept listening to the track over and over again, and I just wasn't feeling it. I liked the lead so didn't wanna budge on that lol. I came close...
  15. Demkeys

    Music Flying (Piano Composition)

    Hey guys, back with another piano composition. This one's called Flying. I'm really loving composing my own music, and it's super fun too. And I learn so much with each track that I compose, it's crazy. Anyways, enjoy!
  16. Ashley SilverDust

    Audio Stings Pack 2016-09-14

    These are short music clips that can be useful as sound effects. I've been checking out and sorting through all of the genres in the YouTube Audio Library and was putting these short stings off in a folder as I found them. These can be good to have in case you should ever need one, to help set...
  17. Demkeys

    Music Lost (Piano Composition)

    Hey everyone, I recently released a new piano track called Lost on my music channel Demkeys Music. Check it out! Feedback is always welcome. I'm really loving composing piano music. And I learn new things with every composition. It's amazing!
  18. Ashley SilverDust

    Audio Path to Follow - Jingle Punks 2016-08-02

    Title: Path to Follow Artist: Jingle Punks Genre: Cinematic Mood: Bright License: You're free to use this song and monetize your video.
  19. Ashley SilverDust

    Audio Weekend in the City 2016-07-29

    Title: Weekend In The City Artist: Silent Partner Genre: Pop Mood: Bright License: You're free to use this song and monetize your video.
  20. Ashley SilverDust

    Audio Jazz in Paris by Media Right Productions 2016-07-29

    Title: Jazz In Paris Artist: Media Right Productions Genre: Jazz & Blues Mood: Funky License: You're free to use this song and monetize your video.