gfx art

  1. C

    GFX Searching for somebody too make a collab with

    Hi guys if u make gfx(graphics) me and my team from cs designs really want to make a project with you. If you want to give it a try just comment on this thread. -Cs designs Team Casper & Søren
  2. DaLemonKingMC

    GFX Request [Free] Need art/video work done on channel!

    There are a few things I was looking to get done by some fellow Freedom partners. If you can help with one, or all, things, please leave me a direct message because I follow those faster then replies to this thread. I need a new channel logo. Mine has been around for a while and its only...
  3. Sjoerd Heikema

    Service Request [Paid] YouTube Artwork

    Hello everyone, I am looking to completely rebrand my YouTube channel and therefore I need some graphic Designers. I want to rebrand to my new name; TheRunningPizza. So for a logo I want a cartoonish pizza with legs and a face. And I need a banner and outro overlay. The colors should be...
  4. David Richardson

    Service Graphics and Video Services (Pay Only)

    If anyone needs GFX or VFX I have my pricing table below. I do this on my spare time so the prices are fair. If you need to see examples you can check out my channel. I am a crappy actor so don't judge. I would be a great go to guy for all your needs. Channel Art with Avatar: 20.00 Thumbnail...
  5. JokerGamingVideos

    Service Free GFX (All Kinds)

    Hey guys I will be doing free gfx for anyone all I ask for in return is for you to subscribe to my channel and or shout me on on yours If you want any gfx just sub and comment below this post letting me know what you want ill only be able to make gfx for a day or two cause of school :) My...
  6. Tdancetv2

    GFX (King Of Pop) Michael Jackson Animated Tribute HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    created this to honor a legend for his birthday... spent lot of time doing this though it didnt do the views it was worth on youtube nor facebook enjoy
  7. Kill-Steam

    Service 15 Cents USD For HD Thumbnail

    Im just a guy who likes to make youtube videos and also make cool thumbnails so if you want one hmu:D Check out my youtube channel to see some of my thumbnails I make, and drop a sub if you think my channel is cool:) Thanks, Kill-Steam;)
  8. lolcobbbyyy

    Service Request [FREE] Logo

    like a youtube channel picture/profile or logo in general Here's example: Text: Lolcobbbyyy Letter L Mixed with letter C As you saw,then big o , just like a big circle and bbbyyy in it, you decide if BBBYYY does look better or not :)...
  9. I

    Service (PAID) 3D Intro's

    Hello Freedom Family! I am currently starting to make 3D intro's and I would love to help out the community and make some for you guys! All my work is currently being sold for $1, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and complete the steps to get your very own intro! Here is a...
  10. Frqst

    GFX Hi, my name is Frqst.

    Hello, my name is Frqst Designs. I'm more known as a Motion Designer I make a bunch of different types of styled text intro's. I don't really know how else to describe me self so um bye!
  11. EquinoxNick

    GFX Request Need Channel Art

    Hello Freedom! Family, I'm EquinoxNick, but call me Nick. [Before you read any further, I cannot pay, as my paypal account is nearly empty from getting new steam games, which I should of thought twice about] Anyways, if anyone would be kind enough to make me some channel art a, that would be...
  12. LuminousLive


    Hello freedom family i would formaly like to introduce myself. I am anthony or luminous and i am a 14 Year old self taught graphic designer and content creator. I enjoy making others happy and thats why i put 2 hours into making the banner template. if you guys could support me by checking out...
  13. ShiftMaster [] GFX

    Service I Do Free GFX

    Hey Whats Up Guys I Do Free GFX Here is My Channel I Am Just Starting Out But If You Wanna Check Me Out Here Is My Channel Link
  14. Minty


    Hi, I need some GFX designers o for my channel :D ! If possible I want people who made clean banners/logos (Google It) and have a quality of 4K (If you want a 4K photograph of a landscape and Clean Text On The Front) Thanks - MintyMODZ
  15. D

    GFX Want to collab with a graphic designer

    Hi my name is LegendaryGFX and i would like to collab with a other Graphic designer so we both can make more subs.
  16. RealCanadianGaming

    GFX Request I am in need of a new more brandable channel LOGO

    Hello I am looking for a new channel logo which as the title says can be more brand-able !
  17. TheUltimateVertex

    GFX Request I'm in need of a new logo |Free|

    Hey, I've recently tried revamping my own channel and the logo kinda sucks and I need a more professional look to attract new viewers to my channel. Message me on here or just reply if you think you could do it for me Thank you!


    I want to make a collab with other gfx artists so YEAH WANNA JOIN
  19. Harmonic Official

    GFX Request Harmonic Official | Intro GFX HELP For Musical Chanel

    I want get Some GFX Intro for my channel Will You help me? U can watch my basic intro here Please help me i want this font {Rock Electric} U can see in picture {capitalized} Word need {[focus main word] HARMONIC [sub main word] OFFICIAL} Please reply me Thanking You
  20. MiniColt

    Service Free Logo/channel art/thumbnails Limited Time!

    I am bored and going to be making free amateur GfX for anyone who requests it. No money is required for this all i ask is that you give me credit on your channel. My skype is MiniColtYT if you need to contact me or just private message me. Thanks!