1. BizMeister

    Gaming Spooks in Phasmophobia!!

    Hey folks, hope you're all doing well. Would love to get some reviews as to what you guys think of it and any tips to improve for future videos.
  2. DanbroUK

    Gaming Baby from hell!!

    Hey guys this is me playing a little horror indie game called baby in yellow enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
  3. DanbroUK

    Gaming DON'T DO THIS - The Last Of Us Part 2

    Here we have my 2nd part of the last of us 2 let me know what you think guys.
  4. MisfitJonesGaming

    Gaming Watch a grown man almost SH*T HIMSELF

    Hey peoples of the freedom community I’m currently undergoing the fear of resident evil 7 consider visiting and leaving some feedback I’d really appreciate it❤️
  5. MisfitJonesGaming

    Best horror games that you ever played?

    What’s up guys! New user here and I’m curious to know what’s the best horror you ever played.. that really had u wanting to piss yourself Lmaoo. I’m currently playing My first horror game - Resident evil 7 And that’s already got me dying
  6. BizMeister

    Gaming Dead by Daylight Funny Moments ( Please leave tips and friendly criticism)

    Hi guys just uploaded a video last night. Was hoping to see what you all think of it and where I can possibly improve for future videos, thanks.
  7. DanbroUK

    Gaming How to not survive : Dead by Daylight

    Hey guys i just started uploading again and would really appreciate any feedback thanks :D
  8. TheGamingExite

    Gaming Pacify Funny Moments - The Paranormal Duo!

    Today i collaborated with a friend called NoobTubeGaming hope you enjoy the video we made together and if you enjoyed please feel free to subscribe for more if you would like to check out NoobTubeGaming's channel the link is below the video thank you!
  9. DanbroUK


    Resident Evil 2 Remake Part 1 Hey Guys this is my first video in a while let me know what you think thanks :D
  10. Most Amazing Everything

    Entertainment THE BAY (Creepy Edition #4)

    My latest youtube video, another creepy edition video , hope you enjoy
  11. Deathlake

    Film/Animation How to make a mountain for a game!

    Made a tutorial in how to sculpt and make a 3D mountain for a game using a game engine unreal engine. since its nearly Halloween made a mountain from blood red flesh instead of grass! Please do comment below or on the actual video if you can pick what a mountain is made of what would it be and...
  12. S

    Gaming Im a new horror gaming channel

    Im currently playing ucn but i show secrets in games and will play many more horror games! ive only made vids for a week and i dont really know how to grow. so please subscribe and stick around!


    Really cool horror game bit of a silly one but it's quite good honestly surprised me. Got jumpscare a few times too. And I was surprised to see a certain someone in the game too you'll have to wait and see who I mean ;)


    Hey all this is the guy named Hazz here with a new video up on the channel. This is a pretty weird game you'll have to watch it to see what it's about. If you enjoyed please let me know down in the comments of the video and let me know what your thoughts were on the game itself

    Gaming Creepy but cool horror game | MOKKI

    If you enjoyed this video feel free to leave a like and a comment, If you are new to the channel feel free to subscribe and hit that bell icon the get notifications on when I have something new up on the channel
  16. Deathlake

    Film/Animation what creepys you out?

    please do comment below or on the actual video what creepy you out or what would you do if you saw this guy chasing you with a bowl of ice cream! would you eat it? abstract surreal virus cut glass substance painter animation animated speedpaint speed drawing time lapse type. Gothic dark...
  17. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Flashing her panties!

    tried to do test animations of the Victorian Gothic style women sitting down but the clothing just wants to expose her panties have the time with it flying above her head! Please do comment below or on the actual video a time you accidentally exposed more then attended eg walking out your...
  18. wraith

    Entertainment Those Eyes (Creepypasta)

    here is a narration of a creepypasta story i have done check it out and hope you enjoy.
  19. wraith

    Entertainment Hello everyone

    Hello everyone my name is Wraith. My channel is about Creepypasta, Ghost Stories and Horror top 10's. Here is my channel link check it out and subscribe. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCpMFI ... nZjtlvhexw
  20. K Army Gaming

    Comedy BEST of 2017 | K ARMY GAMING

    Its time once again for the best and funniest moments throughout the year. This year was a great one. Thanks for everyone who joined us on this journey through 2017 and those who stuck around. 2018 will be alot better and we will grow together as a community. Happy new years yall!!! Thanks For...